Dr Clarence Tan


Peter Wiltshire

The workshop focused on MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) which is now the basis and foundation of future exponential development. The examples in the workshop reflected real life businesses that have used or are using exponential strategies to grow their...

Jabeen Quadir

Dr Clarence Tan is one of those change makers that leaves you in awe of his versatility, knowledge and background in multiple domains, across sectors. Despite his awe-inspiring expertise and accomplishments, he is the most down to earth, young at heart, caring,...

Salim Ismail

Clarence is the most hacker person that I know, in a very good way. He has a truly exponential mind and is a very gracious investor in this ecosystem. We truly appreciate you!

Dr Vishal Rana

Dr Tan has been a great mentor for me. His wisdom, compassion, kindness and his MTP ’to seek, share and apply knowledge to progress humanity’ has inspired me to look at the future with an exponential lens. He is also a great thought leader.